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Lawn Sprinklers Dallas is the irrigation division of Dallas Curb Appeal Inc., a full service landscape construction company offering many services in outdoor living. Please visit the Dallas Curb Appeal Inc. site for more information. Lawn Sprinklers Dallas specializes in the installation and maintenance of residential and commercial sprinkler and drainage systems. We service all major industry brands and look forward to helping you have the most efficient and water conserving system possible with today’s technology.

Commercial and Residential Services

Sprinkler Systems Installation: Design and install code compliant irrigation systems with your landscaping needs and water conservation in mind.

Sprinkler Repair and Upgrades: By repairing and upgrading your existing sprinkler system you can save money and water and grow healthier plants.

Drainage Solutions: Design and Install complete drainage systems. Removing or re-directing standing water can help solve foundation issues, mosquito problems, areas of rotting grass and plant material, and also help with the set of muddy paw prints that dot the house after every rain.

Water Conservation: New water saving products come out every year. By upgrading your sprinkler system with things like a new smart controller, weather stations, MP rotators and drip zones you can not only save both money and water but by you can give your Dallas landscape the right amount of water at the right time to ensure it’s beauty and health.

Water Audits: Water Audits are typically done for commercial properties but the information can also be a tremendous help to homeowners. You can learn how to better use your existing system or find out what is lacking so that you can repair or upgrade your sprinkler system. You can save on your monthly water bill by customizing a watering schedule for your specific system and field conditions. Zones will be tested to determine output and efficiency.

Backflow Testing and Repair: Backflow devices protect your home from contamination by preventing foreign matter from entering into the potable water supply. In short, it makes sure that your dirty or gray water doesn’t mix with your clean drinking water. Every sprinkler installation has to have this device installed and tested by a licensed backflow inspector.