At Lawn Sprinklers Dallas, we believe there’s a delicate balance between conserving water and providing enough water to maintain a healthy and appealing landscape. Proper water management is a crucial part of using your irrigation system. We can help you make the right choices to use water more efficiently and effectively throughout your landscape.

Our Irrigation Professionals Specialize in:

  • Irrigation Installations (Spray, Rotary, Drip)
  • Sprinkler system repair (Copper, PVC)
  • Water conservation
  • Code Compliance
  • Water Auditing
  • Drainage Solutions
  • Landscape Services

Lawn Sprinklers

When most people think about installing attractive landscapes they picture lush plants and evergreens. Typically sprinklers are the furthest things from their minds however; a beautiful landscape won’t last long without proper irrigation. If you want to maintain your investment for years to come reaching that delicate balance between landscape and irrigation will be crucial.

There are several types of irrigation systems available to handle your sprinkler needs. The most common of these is spray, rotary and drip systems.

  1. Spray Systems: In the past this type of irrigation system has been the most widely used for home lawns and gardens, and can often be the most advantageous for small yard areas. Maintenance is fairly easy with nozzles and heads that can quickly be repaired or changed. It’s a reliable system that can be amended or extended when needed.
  2. Rotary systems: You’ll find these systems utilized to water larger areas, such as lawns or athletic fields. Rotary heads can throw one or more streams of water up to 100 feet away from the head. These types of sprinklers can use less water than spray systems as the larger droplets of water do not get carried away by wind
  3. Drip irrigation: New irrigation requirements have brought drip irrigation to the forefront. It is one of the most efficient, water conserving types of irrigation systems available today. Drip irrigation systems use a network of pipes and tubing to slowly and efficiently distribute water at low pressure. This low pressure distribution of water provides less waste than traditional underground sprinkler types of watering.  A few advantages are:
    1. Reduction of  water use
    2. The ability to water planters and hanging baskets effectively
    3. Reduction of water waste, especially in oddly shaped areas

Sprinkler Installation

Lawn Sprinklers Dallas technicians are trained and experienced irrigation professionals with a history of customer satisfaction in both system installation and service. Lawn Sprinklers Dallas will protect your drinking water supply by installing the appropriate backflow device and will select the most water conservative products for the unique needs of your landscape. We can also program your controller to operate at maximum efficiency, and instruct you on how to adjust your sprinkler system’s watering schedule to meet seasonal requirements.

Sprinkler Re-routes for New Pool Installations

Lawn Sprinklers Dallas can re-route your sprinkler system during or prior to your swimming pool construction. Your existing irrigation will be capped off to allow the usage of lawn sprinklers in areas not affected by the pool’s construction, then re-routed to accommodate the pool as needed to maintain a beautiful backyard.