Upgrade your Sprinklers to Save Water

Upgrade Controller

As water becomes more scarce, smart controllers become more efficient and necessary. For 365 days a year these new Smart controllers can adjust the zone run times and the  amount of days to water your specific location. These sprinkler controllers use weather data to adjust it’s programing. So if it has rained the last few days it will wait to water. The ability to input your data such as,  your zip code, plant types,  soil type, slope, solar radiation, and more, gives this remarkable controller the information it needs to water efficiently and effectively.  This constant adjustment to watering will conserve water by preventing run off and watering only when needed. This will keep your landscaping lush, and save you money not only in water savings but plant replacements.

Install a Rain Sensor

Rain/Freeze Sensors are now mandatory for new systems in Texas. In most cities adding one to an old system has been mandatory as well. These sensors prevent your sprinkler system from watering while its raining and shuts off the system during freezing conditions. It’s one of the easiest ways to upgrade your sprinkler system and save money. I hate seeing sprinklers running after it’s been raining. With our clay soil you end up just watching your money go down the sewer–literally.

Drip Irrigation

You can add Drip Irrigation to your landscape beds, parkways or in any narrow or odd shaped areas of your landscape to not only water more efficiently but also to avoid over spraying water on hard surfaces that may ice over in freezing weather or otherwise waste water. Get the water to your plants without getting the water on your plants. In most cases, the most effective way to water your plants is to water the surrounding soil and not the leaves, especially in hot dry weather, where the water can actually scorch the plant.

Upgrade Old Systems with MP Rotator Nozzles

Want to upgrade but not tear up the yard? By switching out your heads to the MP Rotator or similar water saving spray head you can dramatically cut down on the amount of water used. The MP Rotator has the perfect solution for rejuvenating an older sprinkler systems without requiring the hassle of adding a new point of connection, new lateral lines, or new valves. Some models even make it possible to eliminate existing heads, saving additional labor and material costs. Even better, independent water audits have shown potential water savings of up to 30% when systems are retrofitted with MP Rotators.

Replace old Solenoid Valves

One of the often overlooked components in a sprinkler system are the solenoid valves. Some of the older valves, because of mineral buildup and diaphragm wear,  can leak robbing pressure from all the other zones and wasting water and money. By replacing your old solenoids you can avoid operation failures that result in lost plant material and brown lawns. Solenoids are almost always installed at the same time. So if your having issues with 1 or 2 you may have trouble with the others. With older sprinkler systems it is better to replace all the old solenoids at once to avoid paying multiple service charges for individual trips out to change 1 or 2 at a time.

Add Heads or Zones to your existing sprinkler system

Sprinklers systems need to be properly balanced and pressurized to work efficiently. This is why repairs, amendments and installations should be done by a licensed professional. Often landscaping changes, such as the addition of a patio, deck or pool can cause the sprinkler system to work less effectively because the contractor changed the amount, types or locations of heads. Properly balancing the system may mean adding or removing sprinkler heads, re-routing lines, adding zones, using drip or converting zones to drip can be the perfect solution to a system destroyed by hardscape or building construction.